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Registering for PA Classes in 2017/18

The Parentsí Association run a very large number of extra-curricular classes during the year. The classes are offered on a Thursday at 2.45pm and on a Saturday mornings from 9.30am. Swimming classes are on every week day except Thursday.

Registration for these classes will take place on Saturday September 16th 2017 at 10am ONLINE. We have guidelines for both the enrolment day and for the successful management of the classes throughout the year here and we would ask all parents to take note of them please.

The Latest Class Calendar : This document is the most up to date calendar for classes.

The Latest Swimming Classes Calendar: This document is the most up to date calendar for swimming classes.

A more detailed version of the below table (2017/18 classes)

Classes 2017/2018

Class Time
Swimming Monday 3pm
Swimming Tuesday 3pm
Swimming Wednesday 2pm
Swimming Wednesday 3pm
Swimming Friday 3pm
Class Wednesday
Create an Enterprise - 5th-6th Wednesday 2.45pm-3.45pm
Mini Bridge Wednesday 2.45pm-3.45pm
Class Thursday
Chess Thursday 2.45pm
Create an Enterprise - Junior Thursday 2.45pm
Debating Thursday 2.45pm
French Thursday 2.45pm
Guitar Beginner and Improver Thursday 2.45pm
Irish Youth Club Thursday 2.45pm
LEGO Club Thursday 2.45pm
Multi Activity Hour Thursday 2.45pm
Sewing & Knitting Thursday 2.45pm
Spanish Thursday 2.45pm
Science Club Thursday 2.45pm
Class Saturday 9.30am
Gymnastics Saturday 9.30am
Ballet Saturday 9.30am
LEGO Club Saturday 9.30am
Class Saturday 10.30am
Gymnastics Saturday 10.30am
Science Club Saturday 10.30am
Martial Arts Saturday 10.30am
Class Saturday 11am / 11.30am
Baking & Cupcake Club Saturday 11.00am
Martial Arts Saturday 11.30am